Operations Management 运营管理

Bisheng Du 杜碧升 

杜碧升 Bisheng Du, PhD, Professor

Department of Management Science & Engineering
Business School, Ningbo University, Zhejiang, China

Homepage www.dubisheng.com
Email \(\tt {dubisheng@nbu.edu.cn}\)

Operations Management (Fall 2023, for International MBA Students) 运营管理(国际MBA课程)

  • Instructor: Prof. Bisheng Du

  • Notice: Teaching materials will be distributed via the online group.

  • Classroom: online teaching (All weeks 1-17)

  • Lecture: XXXday 3-4 (Weeks 1-17)

  • Reading: , ,

Lecture Schedule

Week No. Topics Download
Week 1 1. Introduction to Operations Management
Week 2 2. Global Operations Strategy
Week 3 3. Forecasting Methods
Week 4 Presentations & Discussions
Week 5 4. Supply Chain Management
Week 6 Presentations & Discussions
Week 7 5. Products and Service Design
Week 8 Presentations & Discussions
Week 9 Final Submission


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