Bisheng Du 杜碧升 

Bisheng Du 杜碧升, PhD, Professor

Department of Management Science & Engineering
School of Business, Ningbo University, Zhejiang, China

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Zhenfang Li, Jia Yuan, Bisheng Du*, Junhao Hu, Wenwen Yuan, Lorenzo Palladini, Bing Yu*, Yan Zhou. Customer Behavior on Purchasing Channels of Sustainable Customized Garment With Perceived Value and Product Involvement. Frontiers in Psychology. 2020.

  • Ran Liu, Bisheng Du*, Wenwen Yuan, Guiping Li*. Competing Reverse Channels’ Performance with Sustainable Recycle Innovation Input. Applied Sciences. 2020.

  • 李贵萍,张柯檬,杜碧升. 生鲜产品的订购、定价与保鲜技术投资策略. 工业工程与管理, 2020.

  • 李贵萍,杜碧升. 考虑参照价格效应的易变质品定价与订购策略. 控制与决策, 34(9): 1964-1972, 2019.

  • Bing Yu, Yuying Cai, Laiqun Jin, Bisheng Du*. Effects on Willingness to Pay for Marine Conservation: Evidence from Zhejiang Province, China. Sustainability, 10(7): 2298, 2018. (SSCI, SCI)

  • Bisheng Du* and Christian Larsen. Reservation Policies of Advance Orders in the presence of Multiple Demand Classes. European Journal of Operational Research, 256(2):430-438, 2017.

  • Bisheng Du*, Qing Liu, Guiping Li*. Coordinating Leader-Follower Supply Chain with Sustainable Green Technology Innovation on Their Fairness Concerns. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 14(11):1357, 2017.

  • Bisheng Du, Christian Larsen. Base stock policies with degraded service to larger orders. International Journal of Production Economics, 133(1):326-333, 2011.

Working Paper

  • Bisheng Du. Customized Products with Consumer’s Learning. June 2020.

  • Bisheng Du, Zhenfang Li. Selling Standardized and Customized Products in a Dual Channel Supply Chain. July 2020.

Other Publications

  • 杜碧升. 基于服务运作的闭环供应链定价。参著:卢震博士专著《闭环供应链中的差别定价》(科学出版社)第七章:122-152 页。2012 年 5 月。

  • Bisheng Du. Essays on Advance Demand Information, Prioritization and Real Options in Inventory Management. Ph.D. thesis, Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Denmark, May 2011.

  • 卢震,杜碧升. 服务与回收再制造的双渠道闭环供应链设计,现代商业,2008 年

  • Zhen Lu and Bisheng Du. Research on closed-loop supply chain pricing problem with repair service. Research Report. School of Business Administration, Northeastern University, 2007.

  • Zhen Lu, Peng Yu, and Bisheng Du. Research on the price policy of reverse logistics in e-business with time value. Research Report. School of Business Administration, Northeastern University, 2007.

  • 钟磊钢,刘肖芹,杜碧升,张翠华。零售商竞争情况下的闭环供应链模型选择,管理科学与工程2007年年会论文集,2007年

  • 卢震,于鹏,杜碧升。供应链绩效评价的研究现状和发展趋势,管理科学与工程2006年年会论文集,2006 年


  • Textbook: Electronic Business: Theory and Practice. (Editors: Jianhong Sun, Bisheng Du, Xintian Wang, etc.)
    Publisher: Chemical Industrial Press, 2016.
    The parts of ‘‘E-Business and Logistics’’ and ‘‘E-Business Safty and Payment’’.
    参编《电子商务理论与实践》教材。编者:孙建红,杜碧升,王昕天等. 化学工业出版社,2016.

    • 第3章:电子商务物流;

    • 第5章:电子商务安全与支付

  • Textbook of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. (Editors: Shizheng Guo, Zhen Lu).
    Publisher: Mechanical Industrial Press in China, 2008. Wrote one part (with 4 chapters) on IT in Supply Chain Management.

    • Chapter 10, Supply Chain and Logistics Management under ECommerce. 第 10 章,电子商务下的供应链与物流管理;

    • Chapter 11, The Third-Party Logistics. 第 11 章:第三方物流;

    • Chapter 12, Information Technologies in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. 第 12 章:供应链与物流管理的信息化技术;

    • Chapter 13, Logistics Information System. 第 13 章:物流信息系统。